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Discover, plan, shop & cook with the world’s first smart cooking assistant. Make eating at home delicious, fun and simplified again.

Announcing the launch of our Android App

Our newest mobile app & community for everyone who loves eating and cooking. Now you can plan your meals, shop for groceries, search for ideas and cook hands-free all from the same app.

Tinychef is ubiquitous, find it on any device you use in your kitchen

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Amazon Echo Show 10 (Screen Device)

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Android App

Reinventing Home Food In 5 Simple Steps

Customized Meal Planning
Automated Grocery Shopping
Smart Cooking with Voice Assistance
20000+ Curated Recipes
Seamless command sharing with smart appliances

Check out Tinychef in action

Plan. Shop. Cook.

Tinychef is a solution that will level-up your eating-in experience. With a meal planner that accounts for diet, cuisine and family preference. A shopping experience that eliminates confusion and estimation; along with a way to cook which is comfortable to everybody – integrated seamlessly with a layer of smart AI based technology.

See why everyone is talking about Tinychef

Simply ask your device to

Hey Google,

… talk to tinychef

Simply ask your device to


… open tinychef


… baked salmon ingredients to my shopping list.


… me a recipe for triple chocolate brownies.


… me a healthy and easy recipe.

I Want

… to cook Chinese