AI in the kitchen? Here is why.

As we welcome AI in the kitchen, a new way to cook emerges, at the center of which is a smart and intuitive cooking assistant.

AI in the kitchen

Whether you cook for sustenance or indulgence, as part of your job or as an act of love — we all cook, and when we do, we all want to cook well.

It is inevitable then, that with the emergence of artificial intelligence based home assistants, it would find, at the least, a functional role in the kitchen. Voice based AI assistants in particular, have begun to help with recipes, prep work and the actual cooking. Here’s what AI brings to the table.

Voice Based Recipe Discovery

Sifting through ad-riddled pages on the internet in search of a recipe is not easy. Applications that allow you to find a recipe according to the flavours you want, ingredients you have around, or even your mood is possible on AI based devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Conversational AI on such devices helps you approach recipe discovery simply by speaking to it, leaving your hands and eyes free.

Interactive Cook-along

The most useful task of an assistant is to make your workload lighter. With the recipe instruction being read out to you at your prompt, you can cook at your pace and ask for steps to be continued, repeated or skipped as you like. Klovechef even provides ‘Chef Tips’ with tricks to improve common cooking techniques. Let’s not forget, being able to avoid touching recipe books or phone screens with greasy hands is certainly an upside!

Simplifying Groceries

Ingredient shopping and grocery lists are simplified when you have someone who can anticipate the items you need for your next dish. Klovechef’s “Add to shopping list” feature helps you manage your grocery shopping based on recipes you have chosen. These lists can also be synced with popular list apps on your phone.

Loop in Your Appliances

AI can not only manage your tasks in the kitchen but also your appliances. Your refrigerator can now place a grocery order for you. Your oven can ping you on your phone when your dinner is ready. You can start up your coffee maker by speaking to it from another place. What’s even more helpful is a ‘Connected Kitchen’, which enables one source like Amazon Alexa or Google Home to interface with all these appliances so you can effectively rely on one assistant to take care of all kitchen activities.

Food Timers, Unit Conversions and Calorie Counts

While cooking, if you ever find yourself wondering how long it takes to roast potatoes, or how much is 1 cup of sugar in grams, or how to optimize your macronutrients, then assistants like Klovechef can help. All you have to do is ask, and your assistant will answer you without interruptions to your ongoing task.

It is nearly impossible to find an industry that is not looking to AI for improvements. As we welcome AI in the kitchen, a new way to cook emerges, at the center of which is a smart and intuitive cooking assistant.

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