Adding companion app to voice-first solution

After 3+ years of experience of building solution for voice-first consumers, tinychef realized that consumers still walk into their kitchen with smartphones. Hence, it was inevitable for tinychef to acquire Zelish which added the companion app for the voice-first solution.

Adding companion app to voice-first solution

tinychef started off as a mission to enable hands-free cooking across every home in the world, and as a pioneer in voice-first solutions for the kitchen, we had various learnings and opportunities along the way. 

As of June 2021, we stood at over 1 Million Users across USA, Canada & India who have accessed recipes over 4 Million times via their smart speakers on tinychef alone. A journey which made us realise that while people loved the feature, they were also looking at a more platform agnostic solution that could do everything from there. 

The best technology in the world today is integrated, and while our voice layer solved one part of the problem; it was time to take the plunge and turn tinychef into a holistic product which people didn’t need to look outside of when our users were planning, shopping or cooking for themselves or their family. 

Additionally we realised that India’s adoption of smart technology is slightly slower compared to the west, and therefore to cater to a larger Indian consumer base we needed smart tech that would easily give them a wholesome tinychef experience. 

Enter Zelish. 

A kitchen assistant and android first platform based out of Bengaluru that was helping users simplify their everyday cooking. Right from meal planning, to grocery planning and recommending relevant recipes the app did it all. It was a perfect companion app for tinychef voice-first solution.

Zelish also had over 90,000+ users with a 30% M.O.M growth, along with having won the Google Playstore Award for one of the best essential apps from 2020. 

It was an alliance made in heaven. 

As of July, 2021 – tinychef acquired Zelish and along with the product also got it’s stellar team onboard to help scale the tinychef product across all three markets. 

We turned recipes into conversations, and leveraging our underlying data and AI capabilities we’ll also be able to make Zelish (now Tinychef) into a smarter Android app – giving our customers and partners presence across every smart device there is. 

With its in-built meal planning and shopping capabilities, this also helps Tinychef become a solution which entirely completes the cooking at home experience and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Zelish was Techstars Accelerator and Bosch & Siemens Home Appliance backed startup, which was the brainchild of three co founders:

If you’d like to check out the all new and transformed Tinychef App:

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With teams spread across multiple continents, and products spread across multiple platforms  at tinychef, It’s day zero all over again, and we are just getting started. 

Bahubali Shete – CEO and Cofounder