Voice commerce for 6X better results

Customer: Sanjeev Kapoor Premium Foods
(DIY Microgreens)

tinychef’s first pilot customer saw 6x better conversions than traditional digital performance ads on other platform. Our voice commerce not only proved to be better in performance, it was received well by the consumers.

Voice commerce - a paradigm shift in performance marketing
Voice commerce – a paradigm shift in performance marketing

Product Purchase Page: https://amzn.to/37tELR1

Target Consumer demography: Home cooks interested in health and well-being


“Initially we weren’t sure about this, but as an innovative brand ourselves, we ventured to try this awesome idea. In the end the results & the user experience blew my mind.

tinychef’s voice ads experience didn’t feel like an advertisement!

No wonder the conversions and other metrics went beyond our expectations!

And most importantly, they did all the work, we just had to provide the inputs they needed to create this whole experience.”

Vinod Padmanabha, SK Brands

About customer:

SK brands is a leading Indian houseware brand across multiple product categories. It is backed by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, the most celebrated face in the Indian Culinary Space. SK brands recently forayed in the growing organic health food category by introducing high-quality ‘Grow your own’ Microgreen mixes.

This premium offering with Organic, Open-Pollinated, Non-Hybrid & Non-GMO Microgreens Seeds that are easy to use & grow. Packaged with pre-measured coco peat which can be hydrated in the planter tray along with the seeds for a week near a window or your kitchen. It comes in a handpicked assortment of nutritious & easy to grow microgreen seeds that will pep up your salad/ recipes in just 8 days.


This niche and innovative product (a microgreens growing DIY kit) range relied heavily on offline retail sales channels and corporate gifting. Due to the COVID19 lockdowns both these channels suffered heavily and the sales plummeted. The key challenges the brand faced were:

  • Low Category penetration (low awareness)
  • High CAC on digital & social channels
  • High return rate

Tinychef — offered a perfect solution:

Tinychef a marketplace built for home cooks, is a perfect platform for F&B and kitchen brands that uses recipes as a content for marketing products contextually to home cooks. Its Culinary AI™ technology, makes it possible to convert recipe content into interactive conversations on voice assistant platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Thus it drives consumers from content to commerce naturally opening voice commerce channel for brands making it truly omni-channel in the voice-first era.

tinychef’s solution not only addressed the challenges but delivered much more:

  • Tinychef added contextual voice marketing to generate brand awareness and product knowledge, using interactive dialogue based ads.
  • Because of the interactive nature, customers made a clear choice of purchase with apt product knowledge which led to 75% decrease in return rate.
  • The higher conversion and lower return rate resulted in much lower CAC than traditional ecommerce sales.
  • The branded recipe content experience improved consumer engagement metrics, which would ultimately result in higher CLV (customer lifetime value).

Results speak for themselves:

  • 6X better sales conversion as compared to existing digital channels
  • 75% lower return rate as compared to existing ecommerce channels
  • Achieved 15% voice through rates (equivalent to CTR) on Tinychef as compared to 3% CTR on digital channels
  • Created 64k deeper monthly engagements that lasted more than 5 minutes to deliver category and brand awareness using contextual, consent based ads.

Sample creatives on voice platforms :

Voice Shopping advertisement with Consent interaction

Welcome advertisement with Consent interaction

Welcome advertisement with Consent interaction

Microgreens Skill landing page

Send recipe / ingredients to the phone