Interactive content marketing with recipes for 4x better engagement

Our first content marketing with recipes customer: Sanjeev Kapoor

Recipes have been used by many brands and celebrity chef as a content for marketing, however, it recipes have never been as effective in terms of engagement with the consumers.


Target Consumer demography: Home cooks

Interactive content marketing with recipes

Quote by Sanjeev Kapoor after seeing the results of using recipes as content for interactive marketing

I have always been for marrying technology with culinary experiences.

And tinychef I found it to be way ahead of anything that is there in the market.

And Bahubali, the founder of tinychef, his understanding of technology, need to give culinary experiences a big edge, I think that sets him apart.

As they say, The proof is in the pudding, which is so true in this case.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

About customer:

The Gordon Ramsey of India, with large recipe content and huge following on Youtube, Social Media and website.


Despite having a large number of followers built over 3 decades, user engagement was flattening.

  • Average website session time : just under 1 minute.
  • Bounce rate : Nearly 90%
  • Facebook and Youtube engagements also flattening

As an early adopter of technology, Sanjeev Kapoor set his vision to grab the voice-first landscape and he rolled out a first version of voice solution that was very primitive, just a text-to-speech conversion for recipes, not offering step-by-step instructions, not natural and not interactive. A primitive solution that was far from acceptable user experience and no plans for monetization and driving traffic to the website.

Tinychef the perfect solution for recipes as content for interactive marketing:

Yes, tinychef offered a solution that was meeting the business needs with it’s patent pending Culinary AI™ technology that not only promised the best in class voice-first solution, it also offered a new monetization avenues.

tinychef’s voice-first solution could address the challenges and deliver much more:

  • Tinychef turned the recipes into conversations for voice-first platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Home thus enabling users to have both audio as well as audio+visual interactive, step-by-step guided cooking experiences.
  • Tinychef added contextual voice marketing and voice commerce and thus helped Sanjeev Kapoor team to have an additional revenue stream on voice platforms that did not exist
  • Drive traffic from voice platform to Sanjeev Kapoor recipe website when users wanted to browse the recipes on their smartphones
  • Drive users from Sanjeev Kapoor website to smart speakers in their kitchen for handsfree cook along experience
  • Improved Google Voice search performance with voice search optimization techniques

Results speak for themselves:

  • User engagement on the website went up by 30%
  • Average session time on the voice platforms was 2x more than website
  • Voice Search Optimization resulted in reduction of website bounce rate to ~60%
  • Acquired nearly 2 million users on Amazon Alexa alone
  • Increase product sales by 2x with Voice commerce integration

Sample creatives on voice platforms :

  • Link to microgreens ad
  • Intro ad with Consent interaction
  • Full Ad to shopping consent
  • Branded landing page on voice platforms
  • Feedback on recipes
  • Send recipe to the phone