Google’s Voice AI Accelerator – tinychef the chosen one

Google Voice AI Accelerator - tinychef the chosen one

When Google launched their first voice AI accelerator program, tinychef proudly became part of the first hand-picked cohort.

Have you ever wondered what, technologically and intrinsically, can help you enhance your cooking experience? Give it a thought because we at tinychef add an artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-first experience to your delicious journey. Whether you are hosting a game night, party night, or date night, you can now experiment and explore new recipes through our voice assistant platform. Just ask Google Assistant or Alexa and you won’t have to swipe or tap, just talk.

On that note, we’re proud to share that we are part of the inaugural cohort of the select few startups chosen by Google for Startups Accelerator: Voice AI Program. This program will enable us to take a leap in both AI for personalization and voice for a highly empathetic experience for the consumers in the kitchen.

With more than 1 million users on our platform today (March 2021), we believe that we’re in a great position to provide the best seamless kitchen experience for home cooking and voice shopping.

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of technologies by the consumers for better skill development to equip themselves for the new normal. Cooking and online shopping have seen two major shifts in behaviours that are turning into habits for consumers.

Tinychef has built the Culinary AI™ platform that does the magic of providing natural and conversational experience by:

  • Converting recipes into conversations
  • Elevating the interactive experience by adding contextual cooking tips automatically
  • Modulating the degree of difficulty of the recipe steps based on a home cook’s needs

Google’s Voice AI program will help tinychef to accelerate its road map plans to bring the kind of experience that can make conversations more empathetic and human-like.

We aspire to change how you interact with your kitchen and make it an experience that you look forward to every single day. This skill will not only help in making cooking easier for beginners but with the interactive experience, it will also make cooking fun for them. The Google for Startups Accelerator program can help us overcome various challenges and improve user experience on voice devices to establish ourselves as a leader in the interactive marketing platform.

Being a startup platform, the recognition, belief, and opportunity shown to us will help in building a vast network of industry leaders and executives. With their insights into the voice-first platforms/solutions, we will be able to grow and also enhance the user experience.