chow mein recipe


3 servings

Total time

15-20 mins



Chow mein is a highly versatile, spicy Chinese delicacy that is enjoyed worldwide, albeit with some variations. Chow mein recipe is a complete food made with many spices, and veggies added, increasing its nutritional value. This mouth-watering Chinese dish can be enjoyed at lunch, dinner, or even as a snack whenever one feels hungry. Vegetarians can enjoy veg chowmein, while non-vegetarians can have chicken chow mein. Kids love the slurpy taste and flavour of chow mein noodles. 

Moms love to make chow mein recipes for their kids, adding many veggies to make it good for health. Egg chowmein is also quite popular among people of all ages. A melange of spices and julienned veggies make it a perfect meal. If you plan to organise a movie night or just a gossip session with your friends, try the chow mein recipe and enjoy while engaged in your favourite activity. Check out chow mein ingredients that you would be required in this recipe, and get ready to whip up this Chinese delicacy.

Cuisine and Course

Chinese Dish, Versatile


Vegetarian/ Non-vegetarian


  • Chicken breasts- 1 piece

  • Hakka Noodles- 400 gms

  • Carrot- 2 medium-sized

  • Green chilli- 5

  • Onion- 2 medium-sized

  • Soy sauce- 2 tbsp

  • Eggs- 2

  • Cabbage- 1/3 cup

  • Spring onions- 4 stalks

  • Garlic- 6 cloves

  • Ginger- 1-inch

  • Black Pepper- as per taste

  • Virgin olive oil- 4 tbsp

The Chowmein recipe is a very simple and easy-to-make dish. Even beginners can prepare this dish without many challenges. Depending on your taste and preference, keep or remove chow mein ingredients like chicken, eggs, prawns, veggies, etc. It is a complete meal which you can also pack for your kids’ school tiffin. If you want them to eat something healthy, add veggies and give them after they return from school or playtime. It will keep them energetic and active. Follow the veg chowmein recipe and prepare a delectable meal for your loved ones. You can also add chunks of chicken to prepare the chicken chow mein:


  • Cook and roast chicken breasts on low flame. It is best to marinate chicken pieces in a yoghurt and spices mix for the best flavour.
  • If making egg chowmein, make an omelette and cut it into juliennes.
  • Cut all veggies into thin slivers or julienne all the vegetables.
  • Take a pan, add oil to it.
  • Once the oil is heated, saute or stir fry the veggies.
  • Place a large pan on the stove and fill 2/3rd with water. 
  • As the water gets heated up, add noodles to boil.
  • Add a little salt and oil to it. 
  • Ensure noodles are not overcooked.
  • Take out noodles in a sieve, allow them to drain. 
  • Run cold water to them so that they don’t get stuck with each other. 
  • Take a pan and add noodles and veggies and toss them well. 
  • If making chicken chow mein, add chicken pieces to the mix.
  • Add finely chopped spring onions and soya sauce and continue tossing them. 
  • Check the seasoning.

You can also make schezwan chowmein by adding spicy and tangy schezwan to the noodles. Depending on your taste and preference, you can add this sauce and make spicy chow mein. When making this recipe, ensure you have basic chow mein ingredients to get authentic taste and flavour from the preparation. If you are making chow mein for older people, you can make gravy chowmein that is easy to eat. 


Make restaurant-style chow mein using the best chow mein recipe given above and showcase your amazing culinary skills. You can also try this chow mein recipe once in a while for your loved ones.