Drumstick Curry

drumstick curry


2-3 Servings

Total time

15-20 Minutes


South Indian


Drumstick Curry is made from Drumstick or Moringa Oleifera, a vegetable that has always been a source of umpteen health benefits. Moringa obtains its name from the Tamil word murungai, which denotes twisted pod. This vegetable has been used in Indian Culinary Recipes for decades, whether it is sambhar, pickles, or curry. Drumstick is a tree cultivated for its tender seed pods, leaves that are full of vital nutrients and have indispensable medicinal properties.

The leaves of Drumsticks are the most nutritious one. Drumsticks provide a bunch of health along with good taste. Drumsticks are good for those who have diabetes since their stem contains many vitamins and minerals that help maintain an optimum blood glucose level. Other benefits include: 

1. Helps in the purification of blood

2. Good for both hair and skin

3. Prevents outburst of Chickenpox

4. Good at maintaining cholesterol levels of the body

5. Helps in keeping the bones stronger

Many dishes can be prepared using drumsticks, But today we will know how to make Drumstick Curry. The dish comes out to be so delicious that you would like to have it even if you are out of bread. 

You can try a lot of Drumstick Curry recipes. Indian Style drumstick recipes vary with the consistency of drumstick gravy and the spiciness, and South Indian Drumstick recipes are tangier.

How to make Drumstick Curry?

The drumstick curry recipe is relatively easy to cook and can easily be prepared within half an hour.

Cuisine and Course

South Indian; Lunch and Dinner




  • Main ingredients
  • Drumsticks

  • Finely chopped Onions 

  • Finely Chopped Garlic

  • Curry Leaves

  • Green Chillies

  • Tomatoes

  • Turmeric

  • Red Chilli Powder

  • Coriander Powder

  • Water

  • Cumin (Jeera)


  • Preparation
  • To start with the dish’s preparation, you must be ready with a deep pan. Heat the oil in a Deep pan and wait till it gets hot. 
  • After that, adds some Mustard and Cumin seeds. When they begin to splutter, add some curry leaves along with garlic and some green chillies as per your taste and saute them until the leaves turn crisp.
  • Then, add some chopped onions and salt (as per taste) and fry the onion until they become transparent. 
  • Next step is to add Drumsticks and fry them until the raw smell is gone (Roughly for 2-3 Minutes).
  • Post that you need to add some tomatoes with some salt and turmeric. Let the tomatoes fry until they become completely soft and pulpy. This would act as drumstick tomato curry. 
  • To enhance the flavour, you can try drumstick curry with coconut. You can also add a drumstick masala to make a drumstick masala curry.
  • Now add some red chilli powder and some coriander powder and saute them until the raw smell disappears.
  • Now add some water which is just enough to cover the drumsticks, and stir well.
  • Now cook the dish on a medium flame until the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.
  • How to serve Drumstick Curry?
  • Serve the Drumstick Curry for chapati or served with plain rice; indeed, you will love it. 

TinyTips for making Drumstick Curry like a pro

  • Don’t overheat the cooking oil or overcook Curry Leaves
  • Remember, you need not let the onions turn brown; you only need to get away with the raw onion smell.
  • Remember not to cover the pan while frying to get the best results.
  • If you can wait for some more time, cook the dish at the lowest flame to get the best results.
  • Always choose fresh and young drumsticks, since vegetables harvested a long time ago dry up, become harder to cook, and lack flavour.
  • You can also try a variation with the recipe by adding boiled eggs when the sticks are almost cooked. You need to prick the egg and add it to the pan. Also, you can fry the egg and repeat the process.
  • Also, you can try drumstick potato curry, where you can replace tomato with potato.


Now make drumstick recipes Indian style effortlessly with this Drumstick Curry recipe. This drumstick curry for chapathi melts in the mouth, and you can also have it with a drumstick gravy recipe. Now, wow your loved ones with this delicious dish.