jalebi recipe


4 servings

Total time

20-30 mins


Indian Dessert


150 calories

What is Jalebi?

Jalebi, known by various names such as jhilipi, jilapi, mushabak and various other names, is a popular Indian sweet dish all over South Asia, Egypt, and the Middle East. You can find this sweet at almost every corner in India. Indian jalebi is made by deep-frying maida flour batter in a flower-like circular shape, and then it is dipped into the sugar syrup. These crispy circles of pure joy can go with anything like vanilla ice cream, rabri or even on their own! Wondering how to do follow a homemade jalebi recipe? Well, a jalebi recipe is very easy– follow this traditional jalebi recipe, and you will soon be able to satisfy your sweet cravings!


Indian Dessert




  • Main Jalebi ingredients
  • Sugar- 1 cup

  • Water- as required

  • Elaichi powder- 1 pinch

  • Maida flour- 1 cup

  • Ghee- 1 Tbsp

  • Yoghurt- 1 Tbsp

  • Baking soda- ½ Tsp

  • Oil/Ghee for frying- as required

  • Food colour and Kesar flavour (optional)


  • Preparation
  • The first step in the jalebi recipe is making the batter. Take 1 cup of maida flour in a bowl. Put 1 Tbsp yoghurt in the same bowl and mix them well.
  • Add water slowly to make it a smooth batter. Make sure to add it slowly to avoid any lumps in the batter. Also, ensure the batter is not very smooth nor very thick.
  • Mix the batter well for at least 1-2 minutes.
  • Keep it aside for 10 minutes. Now let us move towards making the sugar syrup.
  • Let us make the sugar syrup. First, add 1 cup of sugar in a pan on the flame. Then add 3/4th cup of water to it.
  • Next, in your jalebi recipe, keep stirring until the sugar gets completely dissolved in the water.
  • After 2-3 minutes of stirring on a high flame, you will see that the sugar has completely dissolved.
  • Add some elaichi powder to it and stir well.
  • Stir the mixture for 5 minutes on flow flame. To this, add some freshly squeezed lemon juice. The lemon juice helps to prevent the crystallisation of the syrup. Now the syrup is ready.
  • Now after the batter has been set aside for 10 minutes, add ½ Tsp of baking soda. 
  • To this, add some drops of yellow food colour and Kesar flavour. Also, this is entirely optional. You can skip this if you want.
  • Put a few tbsps of the batter in a sauce bottle.
  • Now add oil and ghee to the hot pan. You can use just ghee if you want to. When the oil has turned hot, check by dropping a small portion of the batter from the bottle.
  • Drop batter from the bottle in circular shapes in the hot oil. Fry them on medium flame until crisp.
  • Now remove the jalebis from the oil and put it in the warm syrup for 2-3 minutes. Then repeat with the rest of the batter.
  • Crispy, gooey hot jalebis are ready to serve.
  • How to serve jalebi?
  • You can serve it hot or cold.
  • Serve it as it is or along with ice cream or rabri.
  • Enjoy this as a snack or as a dessert after any meal.

TinyTips to make fantastic jalebi

  • Ensure the batter is not too thick or too flowing. Add maida or water as required.
  • Check the sugar syrup in between your thumb and forefinger. Gently move the fingers, and you will see a small string. 
  • 1 jalebi has approximately 150 calories. 


Now make this easy jalebi recipe at home. Although it is not a healthy food due to the high amount of sugar, no Indian wedding is complete without a halwai sitting with a big wok to serving hot jalebis. This crispy jalebi recipe is also used to celebrate Lord Rama’s victory on Dussehra; everyone enjoys this favorite sweet jalebi.


  • How to keep jalebi from being too oily?

If the oil is not too hot, the jalebis can be oily.

  • I don’t have a sauce bottle for making jalebi.

Well, you can use a milk packet and make a small cut at the side as you use it.

  • My batter is too thick for the jalebi recipe

Add water to make it thin. Add maida if it is flat and thin.